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Cookie recall map shows eight states impacted by health warning 6/11/24

Bill improving Illinois drinking water quality never received House vote 6/10/24

Over 78,000 cases of Fiji water sold online recalled due to possible presence of manganese, bacteria 6/8/24

Four Companies Join Alliance to Stop Foodborne Illness 5/30/24

Nationwide Pie Recall Update As FDA Sets Risk Level 5/30/24

Asian longhorned ticks found in central Illinois 5/29/24

Illinois set to adopt ‘nation-leading’ carbon pipeline, storage rules 5/29/24

Illinois Is Welcoming a Swarm of a Trillion Cicadas with a Live Orchestra 5/29/24

USDA invests in Illinois water projects to boost rural community resources 5/28/24

Supreme Court takes Clean Water Act case 5/28/24

Cockroaches wouldn't exist without humans. We helped them become one of the world's worst pests, according to a new study 5/28/24

Landfill study shows flawed detection methods, higher methane emissions in Illinois, other states 5/21/24

FDA Explains Exactly Why Food Recalls Are on the Rise in the U.S. 5/18/24

Illinois Senate unanimously passes plan improving drinking water quality 5/17/24

Four Illinois Students Receive Environmental Excellence Awards from Illinois EPA at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Exposition 5/15/24

CDC makes public influenza A wastewater data to assist bird flu probe 5/14/24

AI aids analysis of lifetime environmental exposures 5/14/24

Chia Seed Recall Sparks Nationwide Warning 5/14/24

Tiny pieces of plastic pose one of the biggest threats to Chicago River wildlife and water quality 5/11/24