IEHA Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Program

The Illinois Environmental Health Association (IEHA) is seeking Corporate Sponsors to support our organization.  The IEHA Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Program is an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with a thriving community of Environmental Health professionals. With over 400 members actively engaged in the regulatory, industry, and academic spheres, your products and services are sure to make a splash among potential customers. 

Partnering with IEHA means you can showcase your offerings to a captive audience, form valuable relationships with regulatory and industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into government and industry requirements. You'll also have the chance to assess your competition and stay ahead of the curve. 

Perhaps most importantly, by sponsoring IEHA, you'll be educating the very leaders who are making departmental or policy changes that will impact your business. Join us today and discover how the IEHA Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Program can help your business grow and thrive.

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